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About the company “Brain Abundance”

The founders of this company are Eric J. Caprarese and Dr. Pejman Behrouzi, it was launched in the start of 2014 and according to their claim they use proper top notch team of researchers, nutritionists and formulators to manufacture their various products. Brain fuel plus is product of brain abundance which supposedly is the ultimate nutritional supplement.

Since it is recently launched so no as such ratings and online reviews could be found, nonetheless they are fairly active on social media and a lot of people are joining the bandwagon of likes making it more than 400 for their page.

Brain abundance main emphasis is on providing people youthful and active life free of health issues, all the ingredients used in their supplements are laboratory trusted and scientifically proven so that it can easily go beyond the blood brain barrier. Since the company is a recent launch so they don’t have many products except for brain fuel plus and brain bears which claim to give you healthy brain and provide all the nutrients to it so that it can work actively all day long, brain abundance assert brain fuel plus to be ‘Most complete brain nutrition supplement on the planet’. The ingredients that they use for their products are recognized for many health benefits, some of the ingredients are as follow

It is an important amino acid that body needs in substantial amount, it is a neurotransmitter that is present in the brain and helps in improving memory, concentration and focus. With other benefits it also is very helpful for muscle growth and frightening against causes of cancer.

This amino acid is very important for body as it helps in making proteins in the body, it has a lot of healthy effects on body like mood enhancement, Improved motivation, increased focus, relief in anxiety, it is very effective in passing blood brain barrier and makes it important cognitive enhancement supplement.

It is known to reduce the negative effects of stress and has mood enhancement properties; it also reduces insomnia effects and promotes restful sleep. Along with brain benefits it is very helpful in improving cardiovascular functions, weight management and lowering blood sugar levels.

Folic Acid
It is crucial for the proper development of body it is involved in production of DNA. Folic acid is used for numerous health benefits for treating diseases like Alzheimer’s, memory loss, hearing problems, depression, sleep problems and many others.

Grape Seed Extract
It is rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes and antioxidants, It is very helpful in treatment of conditions like macular degeneration, nerve damage and controlling high cholesterol. According to a research it has shown positive effects on stimulating brain performance.

It is widely known as golden root it is and adoptagen herb which has so many health benefits, it strengthens nervous system, increase immunity, boost memory, fight depression and weight management. It is also very helpful in increasing athletic activities because it increases red blood cells which boost energy and endurance.

Vitamin B-12
Many people have vitamin b 12 deficiencies, it has a lot of benefits on health, it can positively affect central nervous system in many ways, it keeps nerve cells healthy specially those which are involved in neurotransmitter signaling. It is also very helpful in elevating mood, reducing stress, boosting memory power, and other problems related to digestion.

Vitamin B-6
It helps a lot of systems in body it is very important for brain development and production of hormones norepinephrine and serotonin which affects mood a lot. Moreover it decreases all the problems of emotional disorders.

It is a super oxidant and has been observed in a lot of body functions, it is also known as the king of the carotenoids. It has anti inflammatory properties which are very useful for protection of cells and nervous system from damage.

These are polyphenols that have many health benefits, they act like anti oxidants and protect body from many diseases including cancer other benefits include lowering cholesterol, protection against strokes and lowering brain plaque.

It is a form of vitamin B3, It is used for treatment of problems like dizziness, Alzheimer, migraine and many others. Medically it is used for attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, arthritis, memory loss and various others. These are important for the proper function of sugars and fats in the body to keep healthy cells maintained.

Zinc Picolinate
It is a crucial mineral which is important to maintain optimal health, it is known for its absorption properties. It is also very helpful in cell division and biochemical pathways which in return help in fighting against diseases like cancer, reversing heart diseases reducing stress and so on and so forth.

It increases cognitive activities and boost brain cells. Traditionally it is used for ailment of various disses since many years.

* There is no as such price mentioned on its official website but we believe it is sold at $59.00.

The Opportunity

Brain abundance claim to provide you with opportunity to earn some quick cash, MLM systems can be really tricky because there are so many scams and frauds based on MLM systems in the market; it is based on such system where members have to enroll other members. According to the company it is different from the other MLM schemes that are present; ABC (Accelerated binary compensation) has potential to produce good payouts in shorter period of time.

Some insight to brain fuel plus

It is called the revolution in brain nutrition, according to the company all natural ingredients are being used in this product which adds to the effectiveness of the brain fuel plus, this dietary supplement has innumerable number of active compounds, a total of 13 substances which are used are being listed which includes minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other plant extracts.

It has potential to reduce stress, mental clarity, sleep disorders and many other cognitive problems.


– The formula is proven by team of scientists, formulators and nutritionists which adds to the credibility of brain fuel plus.

– You can earn some money with this product after buying it, you can further sell it to other individuals so it could be a quick way of earning some commission.

– Brain fuel plus claims to have 13 substances that are very helpful in passing through blood brain barrier
– It will actively work to reduce stress, increase memory strength, improved mood and many others on the list
– It offers discount on the larger orders say 3 or 6 bottles
– The formula comes along with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can enjoy the first hand experience without any hesitation.

Some insight to brain bears
According to a popular research many children suffer through ADHD, the numbers are increasing day by day and external factors play important role in it like not taking proper sleep, bad environment and it could be inherited too. Brain bears is gluten free and sugar free ‘Gummy bear’ in grape flavor which keeps it taste pleasant.

The ingredients include
– Sensorill
– Vitamin D3
– Folic Acid
– DMAE Bitartrate
– Magnesium Oxide
– L-Tyrosine
– Grape Seed Extract

It comes in a bottle of 90 gummy bears and it is suggested that kids under 12 should take 3 gummies in a day and children over age of 12 should take 6 in a day for better results. It will not only improve cognitive health but will also help kids grow in a balanced brain environment and with their better perspective.


Since the company has been recently launched so no as such online reviews are available for customer’s satisfaction.

Bottom line

Both the products brain fuel plus and brain bears are formulated through a thorough research to promote healthy cognitive function and mental clarity. The company brain abundance call it the most complete brain nutrition product on the planet, apparently both products does not have any side effects but people who aim to use them must consult some professionals if they are already going through some serious medical condition, one other thing should be kept in mind that it does not work over night so you have to stay patient and give it some time, in time you will begin to observe change in overall health. However if you want to improve your brain health and make your memory more efficient, than you must give it a try see the results by yourself.

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