Forskolin Review


Pure Forskolin: Can it really help you lose weight?

Forskolin is a weight loss supplement which is believed to burn away fat that too without leaving muscles affected, it is new answer to people facing obesity. If to be believed there are a lot of websites that have reported people who have experienced tremendous weight loss from this product with absolute no side effects.

Forskolin is found in the roots of Plectranthus barbatus which is a plant, this plant has been used for treating a lot of health problems. It has strong anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties. Traditional medical uses include treatment of conditions like asthma, digestive disorders, skin infections, respiratory disorders, body stiffness and as an oral contraceptive.

It is herbal extraction from a plant belonging to mint family and is known as enzyme activator; it is known to increase production of cyclic AMP which is considered important messenger in many biological processes. Cyclic AMP has close association with ATP which helps in reduction of inflammation, blood pressure moreover its beneficial for lungs because it prevents aggression of platelets.

Now that you have got a complete background of Forskolin let’s look at the product, many people believe that diet pills are just shortcuts, dieting is waste of time and exercising is never constant so what could be the best possible way to lose weight?

It has been gathering a lot of good attention on media, form nutritionists to health experts everyone giving it a green flag and praises as the new answer to weight loss. In last few years it has been widely been acknowledged as the fat burning ingredient which can help in weight loss without side effects.

Is it really a fat burning supplement?

Weight loss supplement industry has broke out like fire in past few years because it is much demanded, obesity rate is increasing vastly even in teenagers too, and that is quite alarming you cannot ignore the fact that being overweight leads to many disease like asthma, heart problems, high BP, low self esteem and the list goes on. The trend of using Forskolin as weigh loss supplement exploded when it was termed as ‘miracle flower’ and ‘ lightening in a bottle’ as according to the claim it can help you in shedding up to ten pounds within a week that too with no other changes in exercise or diet.
But before we dig in to this product, it’s important to know what science has to say about nutrients like Forskolin, although it has a lot of other health benefits but is it really as effective for weight loss as it claims let’s find out.

* According to study conducted scientists determined that basically Forskolin may prevent weight gain but it does not potentially promote weight loss
The first study was conducted on over weight men and it was observed that Forskolin did have positive impact on decreasing percentage of fat mass and body composition. Other significant results found increase in testosterone level and bone mass but it did not help in losing any weight as it was claimed.
Another study was conducted on obese women unlike previous study it did not show any results as compared to that of men like changes in body mass etc but Forskolin was found in prevention of new fat mass and the subject felt less cravings and fatigue,  so the scientists found out that Forskolin did prevent weight gain.

Point being here Forskolin may have some benefits and obesity management elements but according to some scientific evidence it does not ‘melt away fat’. But one cannot ignore the fact that eating well not taking saturated fats, avoiding junk, exercising regularly along with weight loss supplements can bring about a visible change in your body. Whole foods are of great importance because in that way you’re providing all the nutrients that your body needs which will control body’s appetite and will help to keep odd time cravings at bay.

However the buzz of Forskolin is due to its properties of burning fat quicker as compared to other dietary adjustments since it directly targets the stubborn belly fats which is usually because of the unhealthy food that we eat and harmful toxins which we carry in our body. In fact it helps in releasing fatty acids to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. During this whole process the inner temperature of body increases naturally which in return stimulates metabolic rate, that’s why calories and fat start burning rapidly.


Every person has a different body type than other and so is their absorption capacity, initially when body is introduced to some supplement then it takes some time to get used to it so for starters it is recommended 25 to 60 mg per day, some of Forskolin available in market have 125 to 250 mg dosage. But when choosing the supplement it is very important to look for ingredient that are natural because it is your body at stake and you cant allow any other product to damage your health. Though it has a lot of benefits, but it is important to know some insight to it.

Side effects

According to some claims its been proven side effect free but Forskolin extracts have been associated with lowering blood pressure in adults who have been taking 150 mg per day, According to a research study with respect to consuming extracts of coleus forskohlii, it was proven safe as long as dosages are being taken as recommended. But if you are suffering through some extreme cases or diseases you must consult some physician before starting this supplementation, people who are taking other medications along may come across dizziness and nausea. If you have some heart diseases you must not take Forskolin because in some cases fluctuation in heart rate has been observed. In normal circumstances a normal adult can easily use it without any fear but as it has several blood thinning properties so it is better to be wise while choosing the product. After mentioning all above conditions if you may feel anything unusual after consuming this supplement you got to stop it immediately. Prevention is better than cure!

Who can take it?

Pregnant and nursing mothers should not take any supplements, it is not recommended for them because they are in very sensitive stage but if they have to take it due to some reason then they must consult their gynecologist, if a medical professional nodes for it then they can take it under special supervision, moreover children who are below the age of 18 should not take it in fact there are no precautions for children but still care is important.
For adults it may be a good fat burner but it should not be mistaken as a miracle which will do some magic overnight, every supplement takes its time to work, for some it may work better than others depending on their body types.

Should you buy Forskolin?

We know you are here so that you can make out whether Forskolin is right for you or not, as earlier we have mentioned that it has become a internet hero and people have been associating it with magical weight loss properties and calling it lighting in the bottle, a little background to its sensation and fame is much needed.
A popular television show named ‘the Dr oz show’ featured Forskolin and it went viral, people all over have been giving hype to it, supported by some of literature and its natural harmless extracts made it more influencing but there are some safety measures which people need to acknowledge. We leave it up to your better judgment.

Potential Benefits

Reduces high blood pressure
It has been known for its beneficial qualities for treating cardiovascular problems, it reduces hypertension and lowers blood pressure according to a study it worked on 75 percent patients.

Effective for treatment of cancer
It activates phosphatase 2, an enzyme which stimulate rates of cell division according to research Forskolin has been found in reducing growth of tumors it also has the ability to kill cells in multiple myeloma cancer cells.

Bottom line

Forskolin known as magic supplement has some really good appetite controlling properties it will keep your weight constant and overall health improved too, according to its claim all ingredients being used are 100 percent natural without side effects and it promises to even cut weight from your belly area and other cellulites along with improving metabolism too. So if you feel like trying, you may!