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About Vital Reds by Gundry MD

Life has become so fast that it is very hard to keep balance of everything around especially when it comes to managing digestive, metabolism and weight management issues. It is a difficult task to do, most of the times we tend to reach for things that could provide maximum help in minimal time. We often ignore our health in order to save our time and that leads us to gaining weight and other health problems.

Vital reds by Gundry MD is a combination of all natural ingredients and 21 super fruits that are rich in polyphenols which will not only help in reducing weight in short span of time but will also improve metabolism, digestion problems, boost energy and endurance. This product claims to work even on stubborn areas that have fats which won’t go away like belly belts, thighs, lower belly and lower back without any side effects. This product is also very good in fixing skin health, by regular use you will begin to notice the visible change in your skin which will be healthier and flawless.

Vital reds claim to give you instant boost in energy only after using it for once, The procedure does not have any hard and fast rules all you have to do is put one scoop of vital reds in any beverage of your own choice and drink it regularly without missing a single day and you will begin to notice considerable results just in 2 to 3 weeks of use. Taste wise it is acceptable too it is not going to bug your taste buds since it is combination of natural ingredients it will not make your stomach feel bloated.

In fact, if you are really in search of genuine product that will give you maximum energy and nutrition then vital reds seem to be the way to achieve your health goals, but will it provide instant energy to all age groups? Or will it leave you disappointed with your expectations, here are some facts that we learned in our thorough research …

Some insight to energy dysfunction

On official Gundry Md’s website it reveals that vital reds is basically designed to boost energy, reduce fatigue and energy dysfunction which might indicate towards some major health problems. What is this energy dysfunction? Is this condition as alarming as the Dr. Gundry claim it to be?

Even though these words could be separately defined but we did not reach to any serious medical diagnosis related to energy dysfunction, moderately we could say it is just a fancy word used for ‘low energy’. What causes low energy?

Low energy itself is not some disease or medical condition; it is basically a side effect to some other medical condition. Fatigue is a outcome of poor unhealthy lifestyle like sleeping less, smoking habits, unhealthy eating, lack of physical activities, too much of stress and the list goes on. Therefore if you are tired and lazy all the time you need to see your doctor who can help you reach to the main cause behind it and give you some relief.

What are the benefits that polyphenols have to offer?

Polyphenols are metabolites of plants which are secondary and these metabolites work in defense against ultra violet radiations, Polyphenols are micronutrients which are abundant in our diet and they play their active role in the prevention of diseases like cardiovascular and cancer. Based on their molecular group they are divided in to four categories like flavonoids, lignans, stilbenes and phenolic acids.

When humans take these polyphenols in their diet it give away numerous amount of benefits to human body from fighting diseases to preventing ones from emerging, reducing risks of heart stroke and other similar diseases.
Now the concern over here is that firstly there are thousands of different polyphenols which science haven’t digged in detail and secondly all the polyphenols are not treated and accepted by body in same way. Is that the case similar to vital reds too? Let’s find out.

Following are the ingredients that Vital Reds contain

According to the Gundry website vital reds have following on the label list

– Niacin:  20mg
– Vitamin B12: 6mcg
– Biotin:  300mcg
– Thiamin: 1.5mg
– Riboflavin:  1.7mg
– Vitamin B6: 2g
– Folate: 400mcg
– Pantothenic Acid: 10mcg
– Selenium: 70mcg

Some of the other important ingredients are
Polyphenol blend 1,540 mg
pineapple, orange, watermelon, grapefruit, acerola extract, apple pectin, grape seed, pear, lemon, lime, cherry, peach, berberin HCl,papaya, mango, organic red raspberry, aecia, Organic carrot, organic flax seed, organic apple peel, mulberry, black currant, apple.
Metabolic boosting blend 216 mg
turmeric, black pepper, Cinnamon, ginger root, white tea, green tea, bitter melon.
Digestive support blends 3 billion CFU
Bifidobacterium lactis, L, reuteri, acidophilus, bacillus coagulans, lactobacillus.

The ingredients mentioned above plays crucial role in optimizing the level of antioxidants and have a lot of benefits on health, supplementation might not work on everybody in equal manner since it does not have any clinical proof but if they contain selenium then it could be a high recommendation because not only it controls cholesterol levels but is also used for boosting antioxidants in rich amount.

Like we discussed earlier that still all types of polyphenols are not being discovered yet and we can’t make out which one’s better than the other, though medical professionals and nutritionists highly recommend consuming multiple types of polyphenols to take maximum benefits from foods which are rich in polyphenols which surely vital reds assures to give. One thing should be kept in mind that with polyphenols a lot of healthy fats should be taken a long it will help them to be more bioavailable.

Vital reds have all the natural ingredients which can bring out the best in your health, the probiotics are beneficial for digestive system and helps bloating problem  which in return keeps you active and boost your energy levels, moreover it combats against the body fats and help it burn quickly.

Does this product have any side effects?

Since a lot of ingredients have been assembled  together to make this product, it might give this impression that it  could cause side effects after use but the good news is that it will not cause any harm to your body. The only thing you will experience is a slight digestion problem but that too not for longer period of time once your stomach gets used to it you will be all perfect to go. Moreover the ingredients have really good effects on body as it will improve your overall health too.

Vital reds price?

You can order vital reds by Gundry MD on its official website. It comes with free shipping and a 90 day money back guarantee. The price is very affordable.

  • 1 Jar- $49.95
  • 3 Jars- $134.85
  • 6 Jars- $254.70

If you don’t like this product due to any reason, you can contact customer service that is (800) 852-0477 for money refund.

Why do you need to make it part of your daily diet?

we can’t ignore the fact that as  life has advanced so much people have much more exposure to certain things than their ancestors have had, people are now well aware of the importance of good health and how can they bring positive changes in life in order to live healthy and happy, the hunt for good product has never been this easier because you can find multiple companies with products that claim an instant change in life, in fact you name it and you have it, you will find so many options and hard to select which one to go for.
The question here arises is what makes vital reds different from other similar products available in the market when prices are almost same, well then it is different from the rest because it has probiotics and some very beneficial vitamins which is something you will barely come across.
As we have earlier talked about the various blends of natural ingredients that this product have, many nutritionists will suggest all those ingredients for improving the inner health of body.

What’s should be the age limit for using this product?

People of any age can use this product no matter at what stage they are this product will help them achieve their target be it boosting stamina, improving metabolism or making your skin healthier and glowing. The use of this product is very easy and it does not require any long procedure all the ingredients are natural so it make it much easier to trust this product.

Brain behind the discovery ‘Vital Reds’

Dr. Steven Gundry is a renowned name when it comes to health management, he is a cardiovascular surgeon and he has spent many years of his life in urge to help maximum people with their health issues, he happens to be founder of center for restorative medicine along with that he some other achievements on his credit.
He has firm belief that natural ingredients and positive changes in diet can help people lose weight promptly without causing any side effects to body.


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