Niagen Reviews


About Niagen

Niagen is gaining popularity among people vastly and it is known as the supplement which can ‘turn back the clock’. They have numerous number of health benefits some of them include improved heart health, boost endurance, cognitive enhancement, good metabolism and the most important one is its properties of anti aging because it efficiently increases communication between mitochondria and cell nucleus which are responsible for producing energy factories in the cell.

Niagen are also called nicotinamide riboside, these are form of vitamin B3 that are recently discovered to increases number of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) in aged people and make them feel as they are back to their youth.

Niagen is licensed formula and is available in the form of nicotinamide riboside commercially; Niagen carries NR that that actively stimulates communication between cells for the improvement of overall health. It has number of benefits for anti aging that is why it is referred as fountain of youth, The main reason behind aging and other diseases is the poor communication which decreases cell’s ability to produce energy. It is known as anti aging miracle because it triggers NAD and leads to activation of them but for that let’s take a look at what NAD does to body.

Why is NAD imp for body?

If NAD is found absent from your system then cells begin to age rapidly this abnormal growth leads to malfunction, the food is not processed properly which make you suffer through physical and visible effects which in return leads to weight gain, weak brain function, heightened risk of cancers, wrinkles, weak immune system and many others. With this recent discovery you can keep your cells active which will help you in reversing aging effects.NAD is usually produced by amino acids and from some other foods which are extracted from niacin.

How does Niagen work?

Niagen has been discovered in last few years, It basically increases the levels of chemicals in cell called NAD which is short form of nicotinamide adenine Dinucleotide, so when this chemical increases in the cell it slows down the process of aging in that respective cell which in return give you energy full life, elevated mood, improved immune system, mind clarity, reduced risks of cardiovascular problems, improved mental health and better endurance.

All the studies that have been conducted on Niagen have been showing maximum health benefits for human with minimal side effects, there are number of articles and researches present on this topic.
The product comes in form of capsules which claims to have Niagen 100 percent, and with absolute no other preservatives or additives, It is produced in US and is GMP certified but one thing should be kept in mind that it is not FDA approved. Niagen is considered as the most interesting development in science of aging. The product claims to have vegetarian capsules and as per the suggestion one capsule should be taken daily with breakfast without missing for single day so that you can see the results accordingly.

Niagen’s discovery

Niagen was discovered in 2013 when a research was conducted on mice, doctor David Sinclair observed that Niagen decreased the effects of aging, he observed that after that mouse was infused Niagen its cell age decreased from 6 months to 2 years the molecules of nicotinamide riboside were very helpful in reversing aging effects, it not only slows down aging but  also give away new life to cell as they were in your body when you were younger.

Doctor David Sinclair is much respected in medical community, after this useful discovery a renowned magazine ‘Times’ added his name in the list of most influential personalities of 2014.

Producers of Niagen

‘ChromaDex’ are the manufacturer of proprietary ingredient Niagen, which according to their claim is the only commercially available nicotinamide riboside form. After that it is manufactured it is then provided to third party organizations like ‘live cell research’ which sell it according to their wish this is why whenever you will enter this product name a lot of supplements will pop up which apparently would be no different than this one.

 Nicotinamide riboside and muscle

As you begin to age, naturally you begin to lose endurance and muscle strength which most of people complain about, the feeling that we get by losing energy is called sarcopenia so the levels of NAD decreases too with growing age but The question arises over here is would it really regain muscle strength if we restore NAD levels?

According to research which was based under the title of Loss of NAD homeostasis leads to progressive and reversible degeneration of skeletal muscle, 1 week of NAD brought dramatic changes in restoring exercising capacity.

Nicotinamide Riboside and Weight Loss

One study which was published in 2012 tried to find out the effects of  nicotinamide riboside as weight loss agent, scientists put together the cells of human and mice and treated them with this compound and they observed some enzymes which were triggered by  nicotinamide riboside which are very efficient for fat burning. As a matter of fact we could make out that it certainly does not help in reducing weight but it can resist body against weight gain. This finding may be the reason which is why people think this supplement can help in weight loss.

Ingredients in Niagen

Niagen by live cell research happens to have only one ingredient which is Niagen itself, every capsule has 250 mg of Niagen present in them, besides that this product only have vegetable cellulose and rice bran this is what combines to make capsule shells. It is suitable for all diets because it does not contain any gluten or allergen source, Niagen is purely vegetal. Everyone can use it but if you are going through some serious health issues you must consult some nutritionist before starting of this product. It is suitable in the morning, one capsule with breakfast so that it can give kick to start your day better.

Pricing and buying

For the customers convenience it comes in 3 different purchasing options
1 Bottle: $46.99
2 Bottles: $83.64
3 Bottles: $117

All the products by live cell research comes with a 90 DAY MONEY back guarantee so if you don’t find the product effective enough you can claim your money back with no question asked policy, but for that you have to proceed to customer service at 844-650-5933.Usualy customer service respond within 24 hours.
While buying Niagen supplements you should be careful enough to consider the rush of other pharmaceuticals companies which are selling similar products with much cheaper price which claims to have similar benefits which could cause you health damage.

Is Niagen the right supplement for you?

Since Niagen has some active and strong anti aging agents and it is considered quite effective for reversing aging. Niagen is making its way in the market and is considered as revolutionary health product for its benefits.
Niagen and nicotinamide riboside have clinically proven results but it is not yet tested on humans, however, whether you should be spending 50 bucks on it or not we leave that on your better judgment.

Will it work equally on everybody?

The product happens to have some great laboratory results, if you have lately suffered fatigue, temper issues and weight related problems then Niagen can be a big support but you should know that every human has different body type and absorption level, it might work on someone quickly compared to others, the company doesn’t  pin point any side effects related to this product because the only ingredient used is Niagen itself moreover if you are taking some other medications you shouldn’t hesitate on taking niagen along it is safe to use as it is being tested in laboratory for safe results for people.

About live cell research

It is a company that produces dietary and nutritional supplements, they believe if the health is targeted on base level then a lot of improvement could be brought in overall health. They believe in using safe and healthy ingredients, This Company is based in Los Angeles California. They are open to queries and are very particular about customer’s satisfaction.

Bottom line

Aging is inevitable but Poor lifestyle has lead people to face consequences too in form of rapid aging decreased energy and many other health problems, Niagen claims to be revolutionary product that has so many health benefits like it boosts energy, endurance along with providing strength to muscles. By using this product regularly you can have strong brain health too you will not have to face memory issues anymore. Since it does not have any side effects on body and can improve your immune system too which itself is a relief for people suffering from problems like bloating and gastritis. Give it a try!