Perfect Flora by Probiotic America Review


About Perfect Flora

Perfect Flora is a revolutionary health digestive supplement produced by Probiotic America, for balancing your gut, it eliminates the bad bacteria from your gastrointestinal tract and boost good bacteria. After use of this product for few weeks according to the company’s claim you will feel full of energy, digestive system will be improved and you will feel minimal cravings for eating unhealthy food after short intervals. It has bacteria that stop the growth of bad bacteria in gut. 
The company shares a good repute because all the products including perfect flora are made through a process of thorough research and are tested in laboratory to get maximum results, if to believe claim of the company regarding this product then you will begin to notice results in short period of time that too with absolute zero side effects, it will not only transform your digestive health but it will also give new energy levels to your body. 
You must be wondering about so many things, questions like will it really work on your body type? Or does this product really worth a try? Let’s help you in answering some of them starting from the basic so you can have better understanding of this product.  

What are Probiotics ? A Quick Insight…  

Probiotics are those living bacteria that are good for your health most importantly for your digestive system, people usually have a wrong concept about bacteria they think it is something that is harmful, in fact your body is full of bacteria which are divided in to bad bacteria and good bacteria. Probiotics are known to be friendly or good bacteria because it keeps the health of gut good and healthy. 
According to a research digestive systems are considered as the second largest part of neurological system, it is located in the gut and is known as the enteric nervous system interestingly that the reason it is called the second brain. Many health issues originate from your gut like fatigue, joint pain, thyroid imbalances, autism and many other similar diseases. 
Probiotics not only make overall health better but along with improved immune system it is also very helpful in treating mental disorders and neurological problems. There are basically ten times more probiotics in your gut than cells in your body!  

Are Bacteriophages Probiotics? 

Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria; these are countless viruses on earth and are relatively more common than bacteria. It’s been used in medicine Industry since 1920’s, most of the products don’t specify Bacteriophages present in their product and you can find dozens of them present in the market most of them are costly as compared to perfect flora. 
Like probiotics it can be ingested to get maximum benefits out of it because it fights against the bad bacteria to make your health perfect. 
Perfect flora uses phage therapy in order to improve digestive help and eliminate the bad bacteria which have been affecting your health and body’s ability to absorb crucial nutrients. 
The interesting fact is that perfect flora has four Bacteriophages present in it  
LL12 – Myoviridae 
LH01 – Myoviridae 
T4D – Myoviridae 
LL5 – Siphoviridae 
* Myoviridae are families of viruses *  

Ingredients of Perfect Flora 

As discussed earlier it contains four different strains, each serving has digestive bacteria of 15 mg, at the time of manufacturing these 15 mg likely to have 1 million PFU but when it reaches your stomach the amount slightly decreases. All the ingredients are natural it does not have any dense combination or harmful chemicals. 

According to probiotic America, perfect flora is not a probiotic in fact it is a Bacteriophage however the company emphasizes on the combination of probiotics and phages so if you wish to get maximum results you may prefer taking some probiotics in combination of perfect flora. 
According to the manufacturers it is recommended that one capsule should be taken for the period of one month and after that body will start showing results but result may vary from one individual to another because everyone has their own body type and absorption level some may experience change, after using this product for 2 months.  

Should you use it as a digestive health supplement? 

When it comes to improving digestive health mostly people prefer probiotics over Bacteriophages because people don’t have much exposure towards them in fact Bacteriophages supplements are getting quite popular among common people, it is slightly different in function as compared to probiotics because probiotics promotes good bacteria in your gut where as Bacteriophages eliminate bad bacteria. 

Bacteriophages are efficient enough to reproduce until all bacteria have been eliminated. It is not necessary to pick one between probiotics and Bacteriophages both work equally in different manners, either of them should be taken as complementary supplement for improving your digestive health. But if you will take both of them it will be a double formula which will improve your gut from two directions.  

Manufacturers of Perfect Flora 

Probiotic America is a California based company that produces probiotic supplements, perfect flora one of them. It can be reached by its email or you can call them too at (866) 803-9895. 

Dr. Cary Nelson is the man behind the whole idea he’s a renowned and board certified health practitioner, he has also been the victim of digestive issues so he gave many years of his life to find some cure until he uncovered probiotics and Bacteriophages. He is very particular about customer concerns so he wanted to help people to get rid of digestive problems as soon as possible.  

How much does this product cost? 

It comes in the form of three different packages so you can select them according to your own preference. 

1 Bottle: $48.95 + $4.95 Shipping 
3 Bottles: $124.82 + Free Shipping 
6 Bottles: $232.02 + Free Shipping 
Each bottle has 30 capsules in it, it comes along with a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with results of perfect flora you can claim your money back and no questions will be asked. Apparently it may seem to be a expensive product but in reality it is lower in price as compared to its competitors. You should be aware of the fact that Bacteriophages are usually high in price.  

Does perfect flora have any side effects? 

It is made from all natural ingredients, so it does not have any side effects. Products that have natural ingredients tend to have lesser or no side effects the only thing that users can come across is a minimal gas problem because initially body requires some time in adjusting with things that are new to body, It is a healthcare supplement that is very supportive in making the digestion process healthy with addition to that it will prevent you from other problems like gas, bloating. It is very helpful in increasing your energy levels too. 

However if you have some allergies you must consult your physician before  
using this product, which will prevent you from reactions. 

Some benefits are 

– It helps in boosting good bacteria in body 
– It helps in controlling cravings which occur after short intervals 
– It keeps bad bacteria form prevention which usually causes all digestive problems 
– It keeps lethargy and bloating at bay 
– Start showing results in one month of use which is very beneficial for those who want instant results 

Should you try perfect flora? 

We live in an era where digestive problems are common because of the life style we follow; healthy foods are replaced by junk eating and food that don’t provide nutrition at all. If we see around every age is facing these issues because of bad eating habits, it leads our stomach to colonizing bad bacteria and people face bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and many others in a result. In such case perfect flora seems to be good option because as per the company’s claim it repairs the gut lining which eliminates bad bacteria alongside it helps in fighting against anything external that could damage your immune system. 

Bottom Line 

Since this product  perfect flora has already been in good books of people because users have been giving positive reviews about the product specially the combination of probiotics and Bacteriophages work wonders for bloating and gas issues. Sometimes digestive problems can lead you to real distress and panic because it makes you feel really helpless, if your gut is not healthy, moreover it makes you feel lethargic more often so to cope with digestive problems you must take supplements that keep your gut lining healthy so that you feel energized overall, in short for your own satisfaction you must try it once because you don’t have to lose anything, except for few dollars at the end of the day! 

Perfect Flora by Probiotic America